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A biotechnologist and the Founder of the Edenism. He invented the affinity gene, a form of communication similar to telepathy which also enables to share emotions, sensual experience and even see through someone else’s eyes. The affinity gene was invented in 2058. If this gene is incorporated into the DNA, it becomes dominant, therefore even the offspring of an Adamist-Edenist relationship are true Edenists. An Adamist can gain the ability of affinity by having neuron symbionts implanted. In 2090 the habitat Eden was already opened for settlement. That year a homicide occurred in Eden. During the investigation it became clear that the homicide (although carried out by one of Eden’s servitor chimps) was “plotted” by Wing-Tsit Chong to prevent one of the female scientists of Eden to transfer her memories into Eden (although this is only known to the officer carrying out the investigation). During these events Wing-Tsit Chong died and transferred his memories into the neural strata of the habitat using affinity. Pope Eleanor, seeing this as an attempt to avoid divine judgement, excommunicated all humans which possess affinity. This led to the creation of the Edenist culture. Although most of the transferred memories merge with the habitat personality over time, Wing-Tsit Chong still remains a single and self-aware entity within the neural strata of Eden.

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