This paragraph mentions events occurred after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy.

Udat is Cpt. Meyer’s Blackhawk. It is a fast and powerful ship able to swallow inside habitats and make sequential swallows. Its main morphological trait is the purple cobweb that covers its hull. Udat loves its captain with devotion which indicates that it was bonded to Meyer when it was still very young. Udat is stubborn, says what it wants and does not like (bluntly, straight to the point), does what it wants (as long as Meyer agrees as well) and can discuss things that long that it wins in an argument. It is also one of the parents of the Oenone. It was murdered by Dr. Alkad Mzu as a revenge at Meyer, for an old debt. Meyer and Udat died together in a wormhole since Mzu had placed a device on Udat that would interfere with its distortion field while performing a swallow, which lead to Udat running out of energy forcing the wormhole to collapse. Udat therefore never saw how its offspring Oenone had developed.