Night’s Dawn universe

Trafalgar, one of Avon’s orbiting asteroids, is not the typical cluster of industrial stations but rather the main base of the Confederation Navy.

It is 21×7×7 km with three cylindric biosphere caverns and two spherical counter-rotating spaceports with 2 km in diameter each.

(Spoiler Warning)

The text below mentions events occured after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy. Proceed at your own risk!

Towards the end of the Possession Crisis Kingsley Pryor detonated an antimatter device implanted inside his own body while within Trafalgar's SD Network. This caused massive damage to the asteroid, leading to its complete evacuation, along with destroying the majority of the Confederation [1st Fleet]. This represented a significant propaganda boon to Al Capone but directly led to the destruction of the Organisation as Admiral Kolhammer gained authorisation from the Polity Council to dispatch an armada of over one thousand ships against Arnstadt and New California

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