Night’s Dawn universe

Tonala's Ironberg Foundry is a government industrial facility, in Tonala, Nyvan, located on the shore off Harrisburg. Largely unfinished, it was projected in 2407 to recieve the ironbergs dropped from orbit. (tNA:2.8) Along with Floreso’s biosphere cavern, it is one of Tonala’s largest civil engeneering projects. (tNA:2.8)

The whole property takes 18 km of coast and extends 8 to 10 km inland; a seawater canal 120  m wide and 30 m deep connects the ocean, from where tugboats bring in recovered ironbergs, with where their foam iron is prepared for steel mill operation: (tNA:2.8) The main canal divides in twenty kilometer-long branch canals, each ending in a disassembly shed. (tNA:2.8)

By 2458 seven disassembly sheds were completed, but auditing shown that even those provided too much output for Nyvan’s iron market demand and further construction was postponed. (tNA:2.8) The remaining thirteen unused and silted up branch canals atracted local wildlife and were declared a national nature preserve, upon proposal from the Biology Department of Harrisburg University in 2580(tNA:2.8)

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This is where Mzu, Joshua’s party, and the possessed meet.

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