Night’s Dawn universe

Tonala is a country on Nyvan, located on the Dayall continent. It has a temperate climate, and experiences snow storms in the winter. It has a population of 32 000 000. Its capital city is Harrisburg.

Tonala is one of the five Nyvan countries founded by a North American culture. It is an Anglo-North American ethnic nation, with its population descending primarily from Americans and English Canadians. Tonala is officially a democracy, but has been under the political domination of the Free Union Party for 180 years. 

There is a vast disparity of wealth, with the top 5% of income earners leading extremely luxurious lives. Corruption is rife, with industrial baronies effectively in charge of the country. It is they who raise money for, and principally control, the Free Union Party. These companies are desperate to earn foreign currency, and ensure that little restriction is placed on military exports, for which there is always a market.

Tonala is the wealthiest of Nyvan’s nations, and is one of the four major planetary powers that dominate Nyvan’s geopolitical landscape. (The others being New Georgia, Nazareth, and Isfahan). Tonala possesses the most powerful armed forces on the planet. Along with New Georgia, it is one of only two nations on Nyvan to have a fully developed industrial economy capable of producing starships.

Three of Nyvan’s four orbital asteroid settlements, Floreso, Kotok, and Pringle, are controlled by Tonala. The ores mined from these asteroids are processed at Tonala’s Ironberg FoundryTonala is one of only three of Nyvan’s nations that are members of the Confederation. (The other two being Nazareth and New Georgia.)

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