As of 2611, the Confederation includes 821 inhabited star systems. Most of these include one terracompatible planet colonized by Adamists and an Edenist colony living in habitats orbiting one of the local gas giants; developed systems include also Adamist populations inhabiting asteroid settlements.

Typically a star system is named for its main terracompatible planet: F.i., the so-called New California system is inhabited by Adamists on New California itself and in the asteroid settlements (in orbit, in its Lagrange points and in the asteroid belts), and the Edenist population in habitats orbiting Yosemite.

Atypical SystemsEdit

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

  • Atlantis - The only terracompatible planet is entirely covered by water and colonised by Edenists rather than Adamists.
  • Dorados - No terracompatible planet. Instead there are a number of inhabited asteroids in the Dorados asteroid belt.
  • Norfolk - No gas giant. Normally this would make it unfeasible to settle due to the cost of importing He3, but the value and uniqueness of Norfolk Tears made it worth colonising.
  • Tranquility - No terracompatible planet. The only human settlement in the system is on Tranquility itself.

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