Invented by the “father” of Edenism, Wing-Tsit Chong, these implanted symbiont neurons give the abilty known as affinity and was used on Earth to control bitek servitors for every day chores.

Mostly when used for servitor control the symbiots do not give the ability of general affinity. This is also the case with Adamist blackhawk captains even though the blackhawk’s retain general affinity.

The Symbiots eventually became redundant to Edenists as the gene giving the ability of general affinity was spliced in the genome of born Edenist.

Adamist use Edit

The symbiont neurons were used in an illegal sport known as “Beast Baiting” where two teams would pit their bitek “Beasts” against one another by using the affinity link. (SE)

As of 2611 only used by Adamist sheriffs and supervisors to link themeseves to animal servitor on first stage colony worlds, where datavise and mech technology is not manufactored locally and costly to import.

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