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The text below contains discussions or references written in an out-of-character style and it may be not canonical.

Canonical sources


Books at the 1999 launch of tNG
c⃠ Jedsen

(geek codes for unobtrusive quoting and reference)

  • Books:
    • Trilogy:
      • (tRD) The Reality Dysfunction (novel)
      • (tNA) The Neutronium Alchemist (novel)
      • (tNG) The Naked God (novel)
    • (SCE) Second Chance at Eden:
      • (SE) “Sonnie’s Edge” (short story)
      • (2CE) “A Second Chance At Eden” (novella)
      • (NDOT) “New Days Old Times” (short story)
      • (CB) “Candy Buds” (short story)
      • (Dd) “Deathday” (short story)
      • (LLTR) “The Lives And Loves Of Tiarella Rosa” (short story)
      • (ER) “Escape Route” (short story)
    • (CHb) The Confederation Handbook (manual)
  • Other:

External links

  • Peter F Hamilton Wikia, a Wikia site about this and other fictional universes by Peter F. Hamilton, initiated by Mark Chitty.
  • Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn Trilogy, by Mark Lucas with W. Keith Beason. (Superb illustrations; additional artwork here. Last updated ca. 2001; apparently abbandoned; original location once unavailable, saved here by Christopher Nuttall, meanwhile available again at the url above)

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