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Found on the now-defunct site.

A product of Lunar Republic, the SII spacesuit is a football shaped globe attached to a collar. It is equipped with a mouth piece for breathing in the vacuum. The spacesuit is deployed through a datavise from neural nanonics. Though the suit is impervious to the effects of stellar radiation it transmits impact. Therefore in space conflicts the SII spacesuit is often supplemented with armor.

An SII suit is the primary space suit of both civilian researchers and the Confederation Navy.

The suit is composed of a bulb of nanonic-enhanced memory latex which spreads over and completely encompasses a human body. The suit is completley radiation-proofed, resistant to vacuum and can protect the user from harmful temperate ranges. Usually fitted to the suit is breathing apparatus, a sensor collar linked directly to the user's neural nanonics, and a radio link.

Over the top of the latex is a suit of armour that protects the wearer from impacting particles and, in the case of Confederation Marines, from hostile fire. The armour is quoted to be exoskeletal, or independently powered, thus greatly increasing the wearer's strenght.

While SII suits are useful and versatile, they provide little real protection without their corresponding armour. They are also very dependant upon the nanonics structuring the suit - as such they cannot be controlled by anyone without neural nanonics, and are a deathtrap for possessed, whose electronic-disruption ability instantly retracts the suit into its inactive bulb shape.

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