The rygar bush is a plant native to the colony world of Lalonde, flourishing in the foothills of the mountain range that forms the southern border of the Juliffe basin on Amarisk. It has emerald green leaves and produces small edible berries.

The berries produced by rygar are edible both by humans and by Tyrathca. However, while humans find the taste and texture of rygar berries unpleasant (they are described as being like oily, sour grapes), Tyrathca find them delicious.

The ripe berries can be ground up to make a cold beverage or mixed with sugar to make a delicacy resembling sticky fudge, a Tyrathca equivalent of chocolate.

On the strength of the perceived future value of rygar products, the Tyrathca were motivated to join with humans in the colonisation of Lalonde, their government owning a 4% share of the LDC. As of 2611, there is only one Tyrathca settlement on Lalonde, Coastuc-RT, with 700 houses.

This paragraph mentions events occurred after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy.
Though Tyrathca merchant starships come to Lalonde usually twice a year to transport harvested rygar, in 2611 not enough berries has yet been cultivated and harvested to fill their holds when the possession crisis starts.

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