Rubra was born in Machaon habitat in 2250; he shared the Srinagar system’s Hindu ancestry traits, but he and his offspring have distinctive indigo eyes. Rubra abandoned Edenism at 44 years old, becoming an Edenist serpent.

Rubra either stole or developed a habitat embryo and germinated Valisk in 2306, in Opuntia orbit, to house the headquarters of his newly founded Magellanic Itg, an astro engeneering company. Later on, in 2330, Rubra’s company managed to retro-engineer the voidhawk genome and manipulated it to create the first blackhawks. This was his utmost sucess and by 2365 Magellanic Itg used only blackhawks in its fleet.

Magellanic Itg become very sucessful both technologically and finantially and Rubra died extremely rich in 2390 at 140 years old. After death he transferred his memories and personality into Valisk’s neural strata, but, unlike Edenist’s use, he never allowed others to do so.

Rubra used affinity to manipulate his descendants into “copies” of himself so that they would be worthy heirs. He considered each attempt a failure, and he became exceedingly bitter as his financial empire lost proeminence. Valisk had lost its original exclusive as a blackhawk mating base for other independent habitats and the company had to resort to become a base for shady trade and transportation blackhawk flights, as well as smuggling and mercenary activities.

As of 2480, the Kohistan Consensus had its last contact with Valisk/Rubra, convinced that the habitat personality had become insane.

Rubra lineageEdit

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