Night’s Dawn universe

The Ombey System is the newest and most junior star system of the Kulu Kingdom. It was discovered in 2467 and accorded full Principality status in 2512, when the population reached 10 million.

Apart from Ombey itself, with just under 200 million inhabitants as of 2611, the system has also a Kulu Corporation cloudscoop operation orbiting Nonoiut gas giant and 12 settlements in the inner, denser asteroid belt, with 2 million inhabitants.

As the eight sibling of the King of Kulu, Kirsten Saldana Crown Princess of Ombey, has ruled Ombey, the eighth principality of the Kulu Kingdom, since the ascension of King Alastair II in 2608.


  • A G2 star


Solid PlanetsEdit

  • Colonia
  • Ombey
    • Guyana
  • Mauro
  • Celebres

Gas GiantsEdit

Asteroid BeltsEdit

Ombey system has two asteroid belts:

There are a handful of colonized asteroids in the system. (tNA:13)


Intra-system distancesEdit

Lalonde22 LYOmbey
Kulu57 LYOmbey

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

Ombey is the furthest principality of the Kulu Kingdom from Kulu itself.

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