Oenone is the voidhawk of Syrinx. They share the classical Edenist captain/voidhawk bonding. They were born at Saturn where the Romulus habitat lies. Its parents were the voidhawk Iasius and the blackhawk Udat and therefore Oenone has some blackhawk traits.

This ancestry also makes her a little bit more liberal and open minded towards Adamists and blackhawks, which do not have the best reputation amongst Edenists.

  • Attitude: From Iasius and Udat (both were liberal minded, Iasius had acepted Udat as a mate)
  • Extreme eager for activity: Mostly from Udat, since Meyer said many times the same to Udat as Syrinx to Oenone "You just want to fly"
  • General morphology: From Iasius (classical voidhawk form)
  • Length: With 125 m it is bigger then the classical voidhawk. Given Iasius size being approx. 108 m and Udat’s 130 m it is a good mix of both
  • Hull: From Iasus and Udat (Udat’s purple web marbles Oenone`s blue hull which it has from Iasius)
  • Swallow Range: From Iasius (15 light years maximum)
  • Sequential Swallow ability: From Udat
  • Swallowing into narrow places like Habitats: From Udat


  • Syrinx - Captain
  • Ruben - Fusion Systems
  • Oxley - Pilot
  • Cacus - Life Support Systems
  • Edwin - Toroid Systems
  • Serina - Toroid Systems
  • Tyla - Cargo officer

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