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The text below mentions events occured after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy. Proceed at your own risk!

Observers are humans based on genetic stock obtained by the Kiint when they first discovered Earth, around 100 CE (2250 years before “official” contact with humans).

Kiint observers have a number of key differences between themselves and humanity. Their aging is vastly slowed down, they are sterile, and they have a version of affinity which allows them to communicate with the Kiint. They have access to the Kiint teleport technology, and are immune to the “white fire” used by possessed.

Kiint observers are trained by the Kiint, under a very strict rule of non-intervention, and then are inserted into human culture in a variety of roles. Their purpose is to gather information on the human race, and they will often take mundane jobs in news agencies, for example, in order to provide the Kiint with the most information possible.

When Kiint observers become too old to perform their jobs, they retire to the Village, a human-style island resort on one of the Kiint home planets. There they can still monitor events but are no longer directly involved. Retired observers can appeal to the Kiint Corpus when needed.

Kiint have inserted observers into many sentient species, though they have some difficulty with the Tyrathca.

Some Kiint observers:

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

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