Night’s Dawn universe

Nyvan is a multiethnic colony world, discovered in 2125 (tNA:16), the second terracompatible planet ever found. (tNA:14)Nyvan does not have a unified planetary government, and is instead divided into independent countries.

The moon, Almore, is 3,900km in diameter, and orbits 320,000km out. The tides it produces are large, and have turned many coastlines into marshland areas. Nyvan’s year is 372 days long. The planet has 0.91 standard gravity. Planetary rotation is 24 hours 39 minutes. Axial inclination is 2.2°. Forty-one percent of the surface is land. There are seven main continents: Dayall, Kiernan, Fumiko, Mestal, Unarian, Hopeborne, and Nangkok. The climate is of a standard range, and both Mestal and Unarian extend into the polar circles. There is considerable volcanic activity on all continents. The planetary population is 320,000,000.

As of 2611, only 4 asteroids (Jesup, Floreso, Kotok and Pringle) have been knocked into its orbit for industrial processing (tNA:20), a token of the planet’s dismal performance in attaining prosperity. Following the 2257 Land Liberation War Nyvan was granted it's independence from Earth. As Nyvan had very little industrial or technological capability at that time, and certainly did not have a starship-manufacturing capacity, all contact with Earth and the rest of the colony worlds ceased for seventeen years. The world then fell into ethnic and political turmoil, escalating into civil war. Following this period of civil war, 23 independent nations (three of which where later conquered by Isfahan) formed on the planet's surface, this is a rarity in the Confederation, as most Adamist planets have a single world government. Lingering ethnic and nationalist tensions continue to dominate, with many nations not even bothering to establish diplomatic relations. Border wars occured between the various nations in the past, and continue to be a looming threat, as such the few strategic-defense platform networks which exist in the planet's orbit were established not so much to defend the planet from an external threat as to monitor the near-space activities of other nations.

As of 2611, the four major planetary powers that dominate Nyvan's geopolitical landscape are Isfahan, Nazareth, New Georgia, and Tonala. Only Tonala and New Georgia have developed  to the point of possessing a starship-manufacturing industry. Only Tonala, New Georgia, and Nazareth are members of the Confederation.

Some of the countries on Nyvan include:


Islamic Texas Republic


New Dominica

New Georgia




The systems of Dorados, Torrox, Shikoku, and Nyvan lie along a more or less straight line. (tNA:19)

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