Norfolk seaside (c)XMM Systems Ltd

Norfolk seaside, as shown in a Norfolk Tears promotional image.
(fan art, 1999) © XMM Systems Ltd.

Norfolk is a terracompatible planet open to settlement at the end of the Great Dispersal. It orbits close to Duke, the primary of a double star system; Duchess, the secondary star, orbits outside Norfolk.

Night’s Dawn universe

This orbital arrangement gives an unique day/night cycle, paramount to the production of the famous Norfolk Tears, for the plants these are harvested from will only grow in the combination of the yellow-white light of Duke and the intense red light of Duchess.


Norfolk’s surface is covered by winding seas with thousands medium sized island-continents (tNA:15):

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)


Norfolk's economy is based almost entirely around Norfolk Tears. Aside from the drink Norfolk produces no goods for export, as its low-technology society doesn’t produce anything worth exporting.


Revolutionnaries intending to overthrow Norfolk’s aristocratic regime are usually convicted for agitation and sent to artic labour camps. (tNA:20)

The Confederation Navy 6th Fleet is assigned to protect Norfolk during its midsummer.


Norfolk’s national symbol is a lion. It is embossed on the cover of the citizen’s passport. (tNA:20)

Hax hunting is a Duke-winter sport popular among the local gentry.

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