Night’s Dawn universe

New Georgia is a country on Nyvan, located on the Hopeborne continent, south of Nazareth. New Georgia has a population of 20,000,000, making it the smallest of the "Big Four" nations. New Georgia  is one of the five Nyvan countries founded by a North American culture. It is an American ethnic nation founded by emmigrants from the former United States of America. It's government is a Federal Republic baised on the model of the old USA. It comprises sixteen separate states, five of which are nothing more than industrial cities.  New Georgia is one of the four major planetary powers that dominate Nyvan's geopolitical landscape. (The others being Tonala,  Nazareth, and Isfahan.) New Georgia, along with Tonala is one of only two nations on Nyvan to have a fully developed industrial economy capable of producing starships. Jesup, one of Nyvan's four orbital asteroid settlements, is controled by New Georgia. New Georgia is one of only three of Nyvan's nations that are members of the Confederation. (The other two being Nazareth and Tonala)

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