A molecular binding force generator is a device which is used to enhance the mechanical properties of matter. When switched on, the matter in the generator’s field will become much stronger than normal. Not only that, the matter will become incredibly hard and, to a lesser extent, more resistant to heat.

The primary uses of molecular binding force generators are:

  • In starship hulls, giving them better resistance to kinetic impacts and energy weapons.
  • In the structural frames of spacecraft, allow them to accelerate at very high Gs without disintegrating.
  • In the fabric of buildings, given better protection from the elements. The arcologies on Earth could not survive Armada storms without molecular binding force generators — they would collapse under the tremendous forces of the super-hurricane winds and millions of tonnes of water these storms produce.

Scaled down versions of molecular binding force generators are used as personal body armour for combat troops and mercenaries.

This technology works by increasing the strength of the chemical bonds of matter. It projects some form of force-field across a structure, greatly reinforcing its strength. When used on matter, the binding force generators prevent the molecular structure of said matter from being altered or broken apart. The effect results in an object being able to resist far more force than is usually required to destroy it, and so ordinary matter can resist the heat of a star or a fission blade attempting to slice through it.

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