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Appearing something like green plastic bandages, medical nanonics are a type of nanonic which are able to treat a wide variety of ailments from simple disease through to reconstruction of deep burns or broken bones. They work by knitting themselves with the skin of the patient and pumping medicines, painkillers and nanonic healing filaments into the wound, quickly healing it from the inside out. They are non-specific in function - that is, any nanonic package can be used to treat any condition. However, it is frequent that specialised versions of the technology are availiable which require training to use and are necessary to cure some ailments, e.g. mental problems, internal injuries etc. (tNA:p196)

Medical nanonics are nanite enhanced bandaids, they come in packages which are applied to a wound. Once attached the nanoics prevent further damage or infection and begin repairing tissue damage for rapid healing. Most medical nanonics are simply slaped onto a wound and require no special training, but complicated internal wounds require advanced packages and special training to use.

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