Laymil are xenocs that were first discovered in 2428 when ruins from their habitats (called spaceholms) were discovered in orbit around Mirchusko. It is presumed they came on arkships from further reaches of our galaxy or another galaxy entirely hoping to avoid their possession crisis.

 Physiology Edit


The Laymil were trisymmetrical and stood close to three and two thirds metres high. They had three sexes- two male and one female- which lead to more complex mating rituals.

Culture Edit

The Laymil were highly advanced in comparison to humans, while still behind the current level of the Kiint. They had gaiaistic beliefs, and believed deeply in the importance of their connection to their environment. They were integrated with their habitats in ways impossible to Edenists, either through geneering or natural selection. They Laymil had less attachment in the end to their physical forms than humans, which lead to their suicide/genocide.