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Kursk is a Russian-ethnic terracompatible planet, with 50 million inhabitants as of 2611(tNA:18) It features large deep-turquoise oceans and white cloud formations. (tNA:18)

Having started from a planet-based economy, Kursk reached stage three by the end of the 26th century, boosting a small space industry — agriculture however remains an important sector of the economy. (tNA:18)

Inter-system distances

ArnstadtLYKursk (tNA:18)

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As of 2611, Kursk doesn’t have a SD network yet. There are some astroengeneering stations, and one single asteriod was brought to orbit. (tNA:18)

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Kursk was the target of the Organization’s 3rd planetary take-over, after New California and Arnstadt, followed by Toi-Hoi (attempted) (tNA:20), and Kerry (stealth).


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Kursk named for Kursk city, in Russia.

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