The Kulu Kingdom is a nation within the Confederation.



The foundation of the Kulu Kingdom dates back to 2210, when Richard Saldana, chairman of the New Kong company (based on the asteroid of the same name) moved all of the company's industrial plants to an asteroid in orbit around Kulu. His motivation behind this was to escape from Govcentral's harsh tax regime and restrictive influence on business.

According to legend Richard Saldana's first words upon setting foot on the surface of the planet were "This footstep shall not depart in the sands of time".

Kings of KuluEdit

  • Gerrald 2250 - 2280
  • Alastair 2280 - 2302
  • Marcus 2303 - 2351
  • Aubrey 2351 - 2372
  • Aaron 2372 - 2412
  • James 2412 - 2432
  • Michael Abdicated prior to assuming the throne due to the Tranquility crisis. Exiled to Tranquility, which was granted to him in perpetuity as a duchy of the Kulu Kingdom.
  • Lukas 2432 - 2505
  • David 2505 - 2608
  • Alastair II 2608 -


Unlike most Adamist nations the Kulu Kingdom doesn't represent a single planet but instead is spread over nine planets (in order of colonisation):

  • Kulu
  • Jerez
  • StAlbans
  • Nesko
  • Balurghat
  • Echtern
  • Warwick
  • Shasta
  • Ombey


Unusually for an Adamist world, the Kulu Kingdom doesn't have a directly elected government. Instead it resembles a cross between a constitutional monarchy and an absolute monarchy ruled by the Saldana family. There is an elected Prime Minister and Parliament but power is ultimately vested in the King and his family.


The Kulu Kingdom is wealthy and provides an extremely high standard of living to its inhabitants, secondly only to Edenism within the Confederation.

The focus of the Kulu economy is the Kulu Corporation, an entirely state-owned company run by the Saldana family.



The Kulu Kingdom is fiercely Christian. Immigration to the Kingdom is open to atheists but not to the devout of faiths other than Christianity.

Relationship with EdenismEdit

Since the foundation of the state, the Edenists have been forbidden to germinate a habitat in any of the Kingdom's star systems, ostensibly for religious reasons although the kingdom's independence from the Edenist He3 monopoly has proved beneficial for Kulu's economy.


The Royal Kulu Navy is one of the largest and best equiped national navies in the confederation and Kulu always provides a large number of ships for the Confederation Navy

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