The Kulu Corporation is the successor of Richard Saldana's New Kong Company. Owned by the Saldana family, it is the largest company in the Kulu Kingdom and produces some of the most advanced goods found in the Confederation.


Since the Kulu Corporation is entirely owned by the Crown, the Saldana family tend to fill its management roles with members of the family. The tenth child of the King of Kulu traditionally becomes President of the Corporation and junior members of the Saldana family frequently take other management positions. This unique management structure leaves the Corporation free to act in the best long-term interests of the Saldana family and the Kingdom as a whole, since it isn’t at the whim of shareholders or directors.

As of 2611, the head of the Kulu Corporation is Prince Howard, freshly in office after three years after replacing in 2608 the long-serving Prince Noton, former corporate head since 2505(tNA:20)


Neural NanonicsEdit

The Kulu Corporation's neural nanonics are extremely advanced and very popular. Their top of the range ANI5000 model is the arguably the best set available in the Confederation and with its extremely high capacity means that the programs stored in it can be much more comprehensive than with cheaper sets.

Ion-Field FlyersEdit

See also: Ion-Field Flyers

He3 ExtractionEdit

Other rolesEdit

Kulu Crown BankEdit

The Kulu Crown Bank is a subsidiary of the Kulu Corporation and acts both as a bank to the Confederation as a whole and as the Central Bank of the Kulu Kingdom. It is responsible for issuing the Kulu Pound, which is considered one of the hardest currencies in the Confederation (after the Jovian Bank Fuseodollar). The stabilising influence of He3 prices means the Kulu Pound has been fixed in value against the Fuseodollar since 2370.


The Kulu Corporation is responsible for running the public utilities on all Kulu Kingdom planets and asteroids.

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