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Night’s Dawn universe

Kulu is a terracompatible planet, in its namesake system, the capital of the Kulu Kingdom.


For more information see Kulu Kingdom

Kulu was founded in 2230 by Richard Saldana. According to legend Richard Saldana’s first words upon setting foot on the surface of the planet were «This footstep shall not depart in the sands of time». The point at which this happened is now Touchdown Plaza, at the very heart of Nova Kong, Kulu’s capital.

Due to the presence of the industial systems Richard Saldana had brought with him from the O’Neill Halo, Kulu developed very rapidly and was able to provide a comfortable standard of living much earlier than any other newly colonised planets. This attracted affluent, middle class immigrants, which in turn led to greater investment in Kulu. This situation led to Kulu enjoying levels of economic growth far greater than any colony before or since.


  • Kulu orbits 152 million km from its star, giving it a 379 day year. Rotation is 24 hours, 8 minutes,
    • Gravity is 97 standard
  • Axial tilt is 1.5', giving moderate seasonal climate change.
  • Two fifths of the surface area is land, distributed among 9 major continents, and several archipelagos. Kulu has no polar continents, only ice caps. There are four major oceans.
  • 2 Moons:
    • Quorn, is 1500km in diameter, and orbits 100, 000km out, giving it a 9 day period.
    • StMary is 2300 km diameter, and orbits 490, 000km out, giving it a six week orbit.
Both have naval bases. The Kulu Corporation has a mining operation on StMary.
  • 175 stony iron asteroids have been manoeuvred into orbit 150,000km above Kulu, forming a large zero-gee industrial base.
  • Population: 18.5 million.

Kulu’s capital city is Nova Kong, sited on the east coast of the Althalia continent (the largest) 42' north of the equator, population 19 million. The planetary population is 3.75 billion, making it the second most heavily populated planet after Earth. Emigration to the planet itself is now closed, though the asteroid settlements remain open to specialists.

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