The Kiint are a highly advanced xenoc species. Their dwelling world is Jobis, found by an Adamist scoutship in 2356(tNA:18) The Kiint the joined the Confederation the following year. (CHb)

Physiology Edit


The Kiint have an oval cross-section body nine metres long (approx. 30 ft.) and three metres wide (approx. 10 ft.) with an icy-white hide. They stand on eight thick, elephantine legs and their two arms resemble tentacles, but can shape themselves into a variety of forms using tractamophic muscles. Their head is roughly as long as a human is tall, shaped similar to a shield, with two eyes in the middle just above a series of six breathing vents. Being naturally telepathic, Kiint seem incapable of communicating vocally, however they can communicate easily with Edenists through the affinity band, and employ devices that can “speak” in sound waves for the benefit of non-affinity bonded humans(tRD)

Young Kiint are slightly whiter and have more rounded bodies than their parents, and are about 2 m long at birth, have legs about 1 m long. (tRD)

Culture Edit

Kiint show unusual interest in specific topics of Human activity; eight Kiint scientists work in the Laymil Research Project(tNG:1)

Kiint artifacts display tokens of esthetics and semiotics, as evidenced i.a. by Malva’s home on Jobis, whose walls are ornamented with age-worn crest-like symbols. (tNA:18)

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