Captain of the starship Lady Macbeth, Joshua Calvert is an adventurer, a womaniser and an avid partygoer — a prototypical “loveable rogue”. Despite this he is an excellent captain, born with an unrivalled ability in flying starships and a instinct for survival which, according to Ione Saldana, borders on the psychic. He also possesses an innate charm which makes him almost universally popular with those who meet him.

Joshua Calvert is Marcus Calvert’s son, he inherited the starship Lady Macbeth from his father, along with many geneered traits that suit him admirably to spaceship captainship.

(Spoiler Warning)

The text below mentions events occured after 2611 and/or contains information relevant to the plot of the trilogy. Proceed at your own risk!

Joshua Calvert, along with Syrinx and others, is one of those directly responsible for ending the possession crisis.

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