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Alpha jobis

Grass landing field of Jobis spaceport(tNA:18)
© Simon Ravine

Jobis is the dwelling world of the Kiint, found upon accidental contact by an Adamist scoutship, in 2356(tNA:18) As of 2611, population guesstimate is over one billion Kiint, living in traditional villages and small towns. (tNA:18)

Jobis has a diameter of 15 Mm and its gavity is 1.2 times that of Earth, being otherwise a terracompatible planet(tNA:18) Its surface features 7 continents and 4 oceans, and its climate is stable and unchanging, due to its axial tilt under 1° and zero orbital excentricity (probably artificial at that). (tNA:18)

As of 2611, there is a small settlement of Humans on Jobis, a sub-tropical coastal town with white apartment buildings built in Human style (i.e., not in Kiint style) around a marina. (tNA:18) Close by there’s the planet’s single spaceport, with a patch of grass for landing field: It is managed by a Human-run frachise, as is Jobis’ orbital traffic control. (tNA:18) Some 800 km inland from the town there’s a tall mountain range. (tNA:18)

The Kiint do not encourage tourism, Humans on Jobis being mostly diplomatic and technical staff; the largest embassy is the Edenists’, led by Pyrus(tNA:18)

In JobisL1 point, orbit each other the mysterious triad moons(tNA:18)

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