Night’s Dawn universe

Garissa is a formerly terracompatible planet, which until 2581 harboured a florishing Kenyan-ethnic world.

Pre-Genocide Garissa

Luo hut

Traditional Luo hut, as shown in Garissan heritage theme parks.

Garissan culture was deeply influenced by the Legio Maria Church (tNA:10).


Following a dispute over the ownership of the Dorados, Garissa was envolved in a war against Omuta in 2580.

In 2581, Omuta deployed antimatter planetbuster bombs against Garissa, massacring most of the planet’s population, and rendering the planet uninhabitable.

The surviving Garissans were given settlement rights over the Dorados as war crimes compensation.


The text below contains discussions or references written in an out-of-character style and it may be not canonical.

Legio Maria actually exists, a schismatic Christian Church stemming from the Roman Catholic Church and based among the Luo people of East Africa; tNA words it "Maria Legio Church". The similarly named Legio Mariae / Legion of Mary is a different entity, a laity organization within the Roman Catholic Church — not a separate Christian denomination, as Legio Maria is.

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