Erick Thrackar is an undercover CNIS agent. After applying to be a crew member on the Lady Macbeth and being rejected (in part due to Ione’s warning, and in part due to captain Calvert’s intuition), he earned a crew member spot on the starship Villeneuve’s Revenge.

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He suffered many calamaties on the Villeneuve’s Revenge, including an episode where he killed a 15 year old girl on captain André Duchamp’s orders during a pirate raid, and suffered major injuries due to explosive decompression in a battle with the possesed, and after narrowly surviving a ZTT jump in a dilapadated ship and a near-death experience in a lifeboat, his duties drove him mildly insane. After extracting the location of an antimatter station from captain Duchamp, he demanded to be placed in zero-tau forever. However, Syrinx convinced him to agree to come out if the possession crisis were to be solved.


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Sometimes spelled Erick Thrackra.

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