The Dorados War was the conflict fought between Omuta and Garissa over possession of the Dorados


Following the discovery of the Dorados in 2580, both Omuta and Garissa claim to have found them first and the dispute quickly escalated to a full-fledged war.

Garissan GenocideEdit

In 2581, a mercenary fleet of blackhawks hired by Omuta dropped fifteen antimatter planet-busters on Garissa. The blast devastated Garissa and despite the efforts of the Confederation Navy only about two million Garissans survived.

The Confederation imposed sanctions against Omuta, prohibiting any interstellar trade or transport for thirty years. The blockade was enforced by Confederation Navy. The members of the ruling council of Omuta were executed for their part in the genocide.


Settlement rights to the Dorados was awarded to the Garisan survivors and a majority of their emigrated there, forming the Dorados Development Authority (DDA) from the remains of the administrative structure of Garissa. The DDA distributes all profits equally to the survivors of the genocide, wherever in the Confederation they settled.

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