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Night’s Dawn universe

Inter-system distancesEdit

Dzamin UdeLYLalonde (tNA:8)
ArnstadtLYKursk (tNA:18)
Ross 1549,68 LYSol
Ngeuni11 LYWolf 33 (tNA:20)
Lalonde22 LYOmbey
Lalonde42 LYRoherheim
Kulu57 LYOmbey
Narok80 LYTranquility
New California130 LYSol
Nyvan130 LYDorados (tNA:19)
Sol160 LYTranquility
Kulu≳300 LYNew California (tNA:16)
Lalonde319 LYSol
Srinagar400 LYTranquility
Avon400 LYLalonde

Intra-system distancesEdit

Koblat4 GmPinjarra (tNA:11)
Earth≅750 GmJupiter

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

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