Tna cover 3(c)Jim Burns

Habitat’s northern endcap view showing counter-rotating spaceport and docking ledges.
tNA cover © Jim Burns

A counter-rotating spaceport allows docking to any rotating structure (typically a habitat or a settled asteroid) without the need to match its rotational velocity. It is usually fitted in the northern rotation pole (or endcap).

Typically, voidhawks (and blackhawks), have no need for counter-rotating spaceports because they have enough manouverability to match any usual habitat or asteroid rotation (used to induce standard gravity at the inner surface base level), prefering docking ledges for boarding, when available. The outer rims are usualy fitted with grin and red strobes. (tNG:1)

A counter-rotating spaceport can recive both spaceplanes and starships, unlike the planetary surface spaceports, which are limited to spaceplanes and other athmospheric-capable craft. Naturally counter-rotating spaceports are used also by MSVs and inter-orbital craft.

Guyana’s counter-rotating spaceport, standard for its size and importance, is a hollow sphere of girders almost 2 km in diameter.

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