Night’s Dawn universe

Ayacucho is an asteroid, one of the Dorados. It is Kenyan-ethnic and settled mainly by survivors of the Garissan Genocide(tNA:15) Its biosphere cavern drilling started in 2596, this being the second asteroid to be setlled, right after Mapire(tNA:15)

Ayacucho is attended by a necklace of industrial stations, and sports two counter-rotating spaceports: A main one for starships and larger inter-orbit crafts, and a second one for heavy duty cargo, including water and liquid oxygen supplies for the biosphere caverns, hauled in utility tankers. (tNA:19)

Locations in Ayacucho

(Note: This list consists only of items mentioned in the sources. It may be very incomplete.)

T’Opingtu is a sucessful company based in Ayacucho(tNA:15)


The text below contains discussions or references written in an out-of-character style and it may be not canonical.

Ayacucho named for Ayacucho city, in Peru.

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