Night’s Dawn universe

Arnstadt is a German-ethnic terracompatible planet located in a system near New California’s.

Inter-system distances

ArnstadtLYKursk (tNA:18)

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After taking over New California, Capone successfully invaded Arnstadt, almost doubling the Organization’s resources… and problems. It was indeed the target of the Organization’s first interstellar attack and its second planetary take-over, followed by Kursk, Toi-Hoi (attempted) (tNA:20) and Kerry (stealth).

The fleet sent by Organization against Arnstadt was composed of 753 ships, commanded from the Salvatore captained by Luigi Balsmao(tNA:14)

Confederation Counter Attack

Following the Organisation's attack on Trafalgar by Kingsley Pryor, the Confederation navy where given the go ahead to launch a massive counter attack. Arnstadt was chosen as the Confederation's first target.

Using 'overwhelming firepower' the confederation neutralised Arnstadt's planetary defences, defeated the Organisation's local fleet and forced the possessed to remove Arnstadt from the universe.

Following their victory, the confederation fleet plotted a course for New California.


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Arnstadt named for Arnstadt city, in Germany.

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